At Resourceful Talent Group, We’re Passionate About Helping Others Succeed.

At Resourceful Talent Group,
We’re Passionate About Helping
Others Succeed.

Our mission is to find the perfect fit for clients and candidates every single time. No matter how unique or tough the ask may be, we pair quality talent with the right team, and we do it with speed.

Recruiting skilled professionals is a full-time job. If you're investing significant time in searching for talent, or lack the time for recruitment, pass your requirements to us and let us excel in what we specialize in.

We’re proud to have decades of enterprise experience, established relationships with a skilled and versatile global candidate network, cutting-edge recruiting technology, and a driven team dedicated to your success.

Our services cater to a wide array of talent requirements, from discovering that one exceptional Unicorn capable of transforming an organization to forming large teams of over a hundred professionals. We operate with a sense of urgency, recognizing the critical role a skilled workforce plays in success.

We’re Resourceful and we unleash success!

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At Resourceful Talent Group, We’re Passionate About Helping Others Succeed.

How We Got Started

Resourceful Talent Group was founded by IT industry veterans, Alex Ubaydov and Jonathan Raude. The two connected at a birthday party in 2020 and immediately clicked from their technology experience and mutual lifelong love of tennis.

As the two got to know each other, they worked on helping organizations create custom solutions to transformative IT projects as part of Ecomsolutions, a software development firm that Alex founded in 2003. It was during this time that Alex and Jonathan realized their shared interests extended beyond tech and tennis.

Clients and industry contacts began asking Alex and Jonathan to help staff their growing IT teams. As the two matched more and more tech professionals to important IT positions, they came to the realization that they shared a passion greater than each of them, helping others succeed. That led to the formation of Resourceful Talent Group.

How We Got to
Where We Are Today

Using their combined 30 years of IT experience, strong professional networks, and natural matchmaking abilities, the pair built out RTG by leveraging existing senior staff to evaluate candidates, investing in recruiting technology, and prioritizing speed and quality to match the urgency of an open role.

From placing senior-level individual contributors to C-level executives, and Unicorn candidates to assembling entire tech teams, RTG has now helped hundreds of IT professionals and dozens of organizations achieve their goals.

The company's achievements in IT staffing paved the way for expanding into other sectors like Finance, Healthcare, and others. The core principles that guided RTG's success in IT have been seamlessly applied to these new areas. This includes unwavering commitment to outstanding customer service, continuous investment in technology, deep industry knowledge, and fostering enduring relationships with both clients and candidates.


We Instill The Lessons We’ve Learned From
Tennis Into What We Do Every Day:

Hard Work
Breeds Success
We’re firm believers that consistency, commitment to craft, and determination lead us to create great opportunities for our clients and candidates
Positive Thinking
Leads to Greatness
We achieve remarkable things by visualizing and believing in accomplishing what our clients need our assistance with.
Never Give Up
Being resilient, adapting, and finding ways to win are an absolute must when it comes to helping others make a decision on something that impacts their well being.
Embrace Critical Thinking
We solve complex workforce
challenges for our clients, and doing so involves being creative, unique, and thinking outside the box. Finding solutions that lead a company and candidate to success is what motivates us.
Competitive Advantage
We view a talent request like a tennis match. They're both scoreless at the start. It’s up to us to create a result and we enjoy the journey that leads us to coming out with a WIN.

Where Happiness Meets Success

At Resourceful Talent Group, we’re passionate about bringing happiness to both our clients and candidates. Our mission is simple: to connect the right people with the right opportunities, igniting positive vibes that resonate throughout the entire process.

We strongly believe that every organization that chooses to work with us is part of us, and we value each one. We treat their talent needs with the utmost care and attention, going above and beyond to understand their culture, technical requirements, job responsibilities, and overall job objectives.

Our approach is meticulously detailed and systematic, recognizing the significance of each new hire. Our aim is to identify the ideal match that offers enduring value both to the organization and the talent involved.1st

For us, every new job request is an exciting opportunity. No day is the same, and we thrive on the constant flow of fresh challenges. We embrace the ever-changing landscape of talent acquisition, always adapting and evolving to stay ahead.

We take pride in the fact that as our network expands, so does our community. It's a vibrant ecosystem where clients and our execution team collaborate, driving real actions and tangible results.

Our core beliefs and principles are greatly influenced by tennis. We love all aspects of the sport and apply its teachings to our staffing and recruiting approach. This includes learning from the dedication, effort, and commitment required to excel as a player, as well as valuing opponents, embracing competition, and striving for victory, which are crucial for becoming outstanding. The qualities that elevate a tennis player from being good to exceptional are what motivate us to achieve the same excellence in the realm of talent acquisition.

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“Life's too short to hang out with people
who aren't resourceful.”

- Jeff Bezos